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A curated Twin Cities food and restaurant guide

Take the guessing game out of finding what and where to dine with Eddy — Our trusted (and always hungry) friend from Eat Drink Dish MPLS®.

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No rants, ratings, or reviews – just great food.

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Our mission is to cheer on local restaurants that we love and to share that with our awesome community. We believe that food creates culture and culture creates food. By supporting Eddy, your contribution will enable us to continue discovering, creating, and connecting.

++ Supporting our hospitality community

The restaurant industry and hospitality community needs our support now more than ever and we are committed to doing everything we can.

In an effort to help restaurants and their staff survive through these unprecedented times, 3% of the first annual fee for all Yum Club memberships will be donated to The North Stands – a non-profit organization helping to rebuild and support the Twin Cities hospitality community, with a primary focus on BIPOC restaurant owners and chefs.

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